Rocky Mountain Resole

Rocky Mountain Resole


“We want to thank our customers for sending business our way. We are up and running and ready to help you get back outdoors.”

Cory, owner

In contrast to your local boot repair shop, Rocky Mountain Resole specializes in molded sole hiking boots with cement construction and mountaineering boots. With our expertise and equipment that is unequaled in any repair shop in the United States, Rocky Mountain Resole has what it takes to provide the highest quality repair available.

Rocky Mountain Resole is backed by a team of craftsmen trained by the best in the industry. We continually update equipment to allow us to keep up with the ever hanging technology in the boot industry and to ensure faster turnaround time. Much of our equipment is a duplication of machinery used in boot manufacturing which enables us to duplicate the original construction of the boot.

All boots are “lasted” when they arrive at the shop. A last is a foot-shaped form that fits the shape of the boot that ensures that the shape of the boot will be maintained throughout the resoling process. We have lasts that closely match all models of boots made today.

“Rocky Mountain Resole is one of the most respected boot shops in North America. It’s one of the few shops outside Italy that has the parts and special presses to repair the new molded-on sole units from Asolo, Tecnica, Vasque, and others. Rocky Mountain Resole’s expertise of boot construction and craftsmanship provides the staff with the ability not only to repair old stompers but rebuild them if necessary.”

Backpacker Magazine

Timelines and Warranties

Your wellbeing is our utmost concern. Here at Rocky Mountain Resole, we are sensitive to the consequences of a well known struggle many rugged outdoorsmen face. To reduce the harmful affects of prolonged Boot Separation Anxiety Disorder (B-SAD), we offer a 7-10 day turnaround to get your naked foot once again snuggly covered so you can hit the trails and breath in the fresh air you so desperately need. We also put faith in our craftsmanship to enable us to offer a 3 month warranty on all our repairs.

Authorized Repair Center

Rocky Mountain Resole is an authorized repair center for the following manufacturers. If you don’t see your brand listed below, please contact us for further consultation.

AsoloCabela’sFabianoFive-TenGarmotLa Sportiva