Hiking Boots


Hiking Boot Resole Specialists

Hiking boots constructed with a molded sole require a special process. Rocky Mountain Resole are specialists in this technique.

Like heavy hikers, each manufacturers line of boots different in fit. Here at Rocky Mountain Resole we use factory lasts which allows us to retain the original shape and contour of each boot throughout the entire resoling and repair process.

Our equipment is the same used by boot manufacturers in Europe and around the world. We use only premium heat activated adhesives that ensure factor quality bonds.

We are also able to do repairs on leather or nylon uppers. This may involve stitching and/or patching of worn out areas.

Hardware replacement is also available. Collars and heel linings can also be rebuilt with new foam and soft cowhide. We can also stretch boots in length and width.

There are 3 basic types of of soles available for resoling your boots:

  1. Mountaineering Boots: crampon compatible mountaineering style boots require the Vertige sole. The Vibram Vertige soles are crampon compatible and designed for ice climbing and extreme conditions. It is a heavier and more durable sole than the Vibram Bifida soles. Vibram Vertige soles are made for larger style mountaineering boots only.
  2. Work Boots: most work boots use a flat (not molded) sole.
  3. Hiking Boots: many “molded” sole hiking boots can be resoled with the Vibram Bifida replacement sole.

Boot Brand Resoles

GarmotMerrelRed WingTecnicaSimms
AsoloDannerLL BeanLa SportivaAny Molded Sole Boots