Vibram Bifida Molded Sole Hiking Boot Resole



Bifida Sole: The Vibram Bifida reflects the most recent biomechanical concepts in its design. This sole is available in both a single and dual hardness compound. Design The design of the sole provides natural movement for the foot. The thrust, grip and brake areas are characterized by different shaped lugs positioned according to the most recent biomechanical concepts. Great care has been taken in creating the aesthetics of the product; it looks quite different from traditional trekking soles. The rounding of the lugs make this sole suitable for technical winter as well as non-specialized footwear.The Bifida is ideal for use on a wide variety of footwear. Compound The exclusive Vibram compounds used for this sole guarantee maximum traction on wet/dry surfaces and various terrain. This compound maintains its physical properties in extreme temperatures. Comparative lab tests in addition to “field tests” confirm that the compounds used for this sole are the best available on the market. All compounds are developed and chosen by considering the sole design and end use of the intended footwear.