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There’s no need to buy new fishing boots or waders if you have felt soles. Rocky Mountain can expertly replace your felt soles with either Aqua Stealth or StreamTread soles.

When researchers looked at this question, it became obvious that felt presented disinfection problems that other materials did not. The main reason for this is the nature of the felt material. Felt is constructed as a dense mat of randomly woven fivers; it has large interstitial spaces that can be a perfect trap for small materials. Gates did extensive work to determine the relative ability of various wader materials to trap WD spores, and, in her experiments, felt trapped 100% of the WD spores that it was exposed to while rubber trapped none. This is dramatic evidence that felt soles present a much greater risk of transport than rubber soles.

Type of Fishing Boot or Wader Resoles

5.10 Aqua Stealth Boot Resole

Felt or Felt with Studs

Vibram StreamTread Boot Resole

Vibram StreamTread Wader Resole

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